Stitching coloured thread on garments or other soft-sided items is a speciality of ours, although it's not the only thing we do.

Embroidery offers a more prestigious looking and harder wearing decorative solution. We work with the best digitisers in the industry to take your art/design and transform it into a file that we will use to create professional long lasting items using our equipment.

This is a great way to make your brand more visible.

Vinyl printing:

Vinyl printing is generally limited to simple text and designs.

A single-colour print is the norm but we can overlay different colours of vinyl to produce some clever effects. The artwork is required in a vector format which is produced in a software of Adobe Illustrator; this artwork format produces the design in lines as opposed to pixels as in a jpeg image. Once the artwork has been cut, we then take away the unwanted vinyl, this process is called weeding and can be very time consuming and delicate if the design has fine detail. This is why vinyl is only really good for lettering and simple one-colour designs. Once the weeding has been done we are left with the design on its backing paper. We then transfer that onto the garment, this is done using and industrial heat press. This allows us to apply pressure and a high temperature. Once this has been applied the backing paper is removed.

Vinyl can be as durable as screen printing, it can be washed without any colour loss. Vinyl gives a smooth even finish with crisp edges, but can look like it has been stuck on compared to screen printing which absorbs into the fabric.

Digital Transfer Printing:

Digital transfer printing is great for capturing highly detailed or photographic images, so it is the perfect solution if you are wanting to print images for memorial t-shirts, or other types of celebrations

With digital transfers, the image is printed onto a high quality vinyl sheet, which is then machine cut and heat pressed onto the garment. As the image is printed onto vinyl, the colour will fade after a number of washed.


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